Outsourcing & Managed Services
Outsourcing means finding better ways of doing business. Unlock hidden growth! We deliver scalable, flexible short or long-term manpower & shared services capacity in terms of management and overheads.

Our managed service brings highly engaged auxiliary staff to deliver cost reductions, increase incompetitiveness and allows you to focus on your core business. SWL ensures seamless integration of all your administration and HR requirements relating following workforce: Non-Core staff; Secretaries, Sales Representatives, Front Desk Assistants; Factory Workers; Bank Tellers & Cashiers, Warehouse Assistants, Office Attendants; Call Centre Staff; Data Processors, Drivers & Dispatch Riders; Machine Operators, cleaners and other blue-colour staff.

Our 2- impact scenarios outline the combination of returns that client may expect
1. Lower Cost, Higher Quality, Greater Timeliness 2. Same Cost, Higher Quality, Greater Timeliness

What Sets Us Apart—The differentiator!

A copy of our most innovative HR Policies and Procedures shall be forwarded to you. It clearly gives you a competitive edge in terms of people. It helps us manage all people related risks. The policy further defines our standards on Human Resources and the relationship with our staff. The policy is designed to ensure that we support your business strategy by creating a productive outsourced environment.