This workshop is for Relationship Managers and Officers to deepen the conversation around customer intimacy and build relationships with style. And it is possible to get results and the work done when there are interpersonal difficulties.

Work with different people, learn aspects of diversity and negotiate with style whiles staying in social. Few social scientists would tell you that all behavior can be explained by only two things, but we do: personality and everything else. This workshop zooms in on the analytical process for determining the world of customers whose driving forces are not immediately apparent, so you can figure out how to build present and future win-win business relationships.

Dive into breakthrough negotiation avoid the confusion between understanding and agreement; What do you want anyway? How to know what they want, understanding their worlds (and the forces acting on them). Apply the 5 service quality dimensions to manage customer relations:

• Reliability
• Responsiveness
• Assurance
• Empathy
• Tangibles