Supervisory & Firstline Managerial Skills Development

We surveyed 5,000 employees & managers across 22 industries to know what differentiates bad managers from great managers. This program provides the development solutions. The greatest unaddressed issue in the business world today is the ‘execution gap’—the gap between setting a goal, your PMS and achieving it.

The supervisory skills development becomes most valuable as it tries to institutionalize the company’s values into the modular work sessions focusing on critical elements of supervision and first-line managerial skills. it is unique to the client and directly supports the processes used to manage employees in the business. What this does not mean is that it cannot be off-the-shelf program, nor must it be driven by a single management premise. We can share with you SWL overarching framework!

You Aren’t Still Using MBTI, Are you?
Our favorite Personality Instruments are NOT DiSC, True Colors, or MBTI! Our instrument offer accurate & practical high face validity, yields a straightforward interpretation, and do not require a psychologist as the administrator.

Strategy improved the odds of success but supervision determines the outcome. While most organizations maintain replacement plans for top positions, their succession management systems do not prepare the organization’s leadership pipeline for execution against strategy.

This highly interactive, experiential 4-days workshop. The programs offer low-cost development opportunities focuses on providing powerful skills and tools that can be easily transferred to the work environment. Through facilitator-guided discussions & instruments, skill practice exercises, and individual introspection, participants will discover how they can become "high impact" supervisors right from the start!