Attitude Virus - Curing Negativity in the Workplace
Did you know that one bad attitude, like one bad apple, can infect your entire organization? Bad employee attitudes put a drag on results. Good employee attitudes drive positive results. The millennial’s workforce is especially susceptible. Bad attitudes threaten the essential functions of the organization. They spread like viruses from individual employees through departments and infect entire organizations. Once an attitude virus begins to spread, it can become an epidemic in no time. Productivity suffers and so do individual workers.

The training program process would provide strategies and professional behaviours & experiences to identify the most common unproductive attitude virus carriers and how to inoculate themselves and others against them:

1. The Not-My-Jobber, whose narrow views block progress

2. The Rumor Monger, who spreads stories everywhere

3. The Uncommitted, who simply doesn't care

4. The Pessimist, who expects the sky to fall no matter what

5. The Steamer, who blows his lid

6. The Perfectionist, who wields 'quality' like a weapon

7. The Resister, who is threatened by change

Self-assessments are critical as employees must own the development process and therefore a process of detecting the Attitude Virus carriers is part of the program. Our training approach comprises: Simplicity, modeling behavior. Real learning shows up in new actions & behavior. Empirical, hard data, facts & statistical analysis to create cognitive dissonance. Insights & Role Plays, Videos Simulations with Group discussions.

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