We emphasis a combination of indoor morning session & outdoor after lunch activities to enable team members apply team priority skills and bonding to reduce the incidence and impact of any interpersonal problems. This initiative builds and supports team works; enhances group cohesiveness, by emphasizing team objectives and reinforcing cooperation; openly manages issues and disagreement through collaborative discussion; diplomatically explores common and opposing options. Most of our contents have a definite degree of fantasy!

Team-building is a powerful way to drive collaboration & team spirit, develop strengths, and address fatal flaws of work groups—but only if the contents are planned and carried out strategically. In other words, there has to be a real purpose behind the decision to embark on this initiative– rather than because you felt like giving your people a nice day out of the office.

A 1-day workshop is very limited and short. With breaks, lunch, teas etc. you have about 3 hours of prime time in the morning. But most people are still trying to assess the lay of the land and the possibilities of risks. And 3 hours after lunch, when most people are focusing on getting home.

A 2-day workshop is better than 1 day, as by the second day people have settled in and are more trusting, open and ready to participate

A 3rd day is usually for the purposes of executive briefing and this usually takes place in the boardroom of the organization. The focus is to consolidate the learning and share the way forward. The evening is accompanied by an evening dinner event with participants from both organizations.

There is adequate de-rolling and debriefing and consolidation of learning after each content is completed, so that the group will see the relevance of the activities and be able to apply their learning back in the workplace.