Conflict Management for Professional Workplace

Consider situations in which you find your wishes differing from those of another person. How do you usually respond in such situations? The workplace commonly has managers from different fields who all have different, perhaps conflicting, viewpoints. One of the most accessible areas for building relationships is Personal Style. All people have a certain style—a way of solving problems, a way of communicating and influencing and dealing with others, and a way of getting what they want.

With this One-full day immersion program the organization can realize the following benefits:

• Increase group cohesion and Re-commit team members. Effective conflict management is a competitive advantage
• Build a repertoire of conflict-handling skills to use in the kinds of conflict situations at the workplace.
• Increased motivation and productivity
• Strengthened relationships as people are forced to clarify ideas and share relevant information
• On a personal level employee will experience a sense of personal and professional growth whether it be through a physical or mental challenge.
• Peripheral and anecdotal benefits would include a more positive and collegial work environment, more pleasant and supportive interactions, and improved communication and understanding between individuals