Project Symphony: HR Information System (HRIS)
“To win in the marketplace, we must first win in the workplace”
The goal here is improved Internal Processes through operational efficiency, agile shared services as well as enhanced Employee Self-Service in the business. It is our natural process to start any improvement with stakeholder conversations. The Project Symphony project, shall deliver on time the “Need of the Hour” priorities:

Do you care deep enough about building a great place to work? Here is the one-stop HR Information System (HRIS Application) to deliver Greater Impact to Business and Employees:

1. Payroll Automation (English or French)

2. Core HR (Digital Employee Records)

3. Leave Management

4. Time Management

5. Performance Management

6. Learning Management

7. Reporting & Monitoring Dashboards

We believe that our “Need of The Hour” approach will achieve not only better Business Value but Higher Employee Engagement & Retention, Better Employer Brand & Attraction Index, Better Culture of change, Ownership, Meritocracy, Excellence and Teamwork (COMET)