Extraordinary Sales Program
Increase sales revenue and stay ahead of budget. We help you fill in strategic gaps in the selling cycle that currently prevent new client acquisition. Not a single sales professional should be without this training-if you want to maximize your results.

We address the frustration of managers who, when seeing uneven performance results, come up with scripts and playbooks and hand them to the sales team. But trying to legislate behavior in an area where talent strengths carries the day is not only futile, it can kill innovation.

There’s no one right way to sell but you need to possess core selling skills. Our Sales Style Preview (SSP) instantly improve the performance of any sales team. This program is lively and liberating and will show sales team how to do just that. The truth is, no two-great sales people are alike. Can you take the “individual” out of the Development Process? Not if the outcome is expected to be successful

• Understanding structured selling and the ability navigate a sales call / appointment using the clearly defined processes.

• Discover your natural selling style whiles providing a framework for client’s preferred buying styles.

• An individual’s ability to understand and relate the channel dynamics and Route-To-Market landscape in which the company operates and use this information to make good business decisions

1. This is a One up to Two (2) full days’ Workshop -- Designed on the processes & approaches of boosting sales.
2. Optional Coaching on Realtime Sales Dashboards and Building Lead and Lag Indicators.