How do you source your candidates?
We boast a vast professional network with diverse background. We simply capitalise on our strengths through Networking. 9/10 times the best people are not actively looking for a new job. We don’t disagree that exceptional talent can apply for vacancies also but our market research and in-house instances have shown us that the people who are not actively looking are the people we seek.

When we do use traditional sourcing of job boards and advertisements; it is for the purpose of obtaining quality referrals.
How do you qualify your candidates?
Screening and Longlisting -This is the stage we where assess candidate culture fit basing on behavioural analysis, we also administer initial tests to available candidates, phone-screen candidates, and leverage on referral network whiles selling the job opportunity.
Who are your facilitators and consultants?
Our facilitators and consultants are certified professionals who have a wealth of experience in applying our processes. Be assured that our learning methods are filled with market leading practice that ensures that your people receive the best industry knowledge

Our people have advanced degrees, but we do not field a flock of ivory-tower PhDs or hot-shot rookie MBAs. Our senior people have worked in business and consulted for the world’s best companies. Our more junior people will impress you with their maturity.
How many days do the development programmes last?
Between 2 – 5 days excluding follow-up coaching, however this is all dependent on the type of intervention and how much time there is to cover all the knowledge areas.
How do you charge and what is the cost of your services?
The exact costs are not usually determined outside of management commitment and usually depend on the complexity of the shifts, challenges and issues to be addressed.

The price of each service has a number of factors to consider such as the time, material resources, consultant, and the scope of intervention. However we will work with you to jointly develop the budget and ensure the best intervention is delivered cost-effectively.
⦁ How do you instil integrity & trust?
We are a global data protection firm in accordance with Data Protection Act 843 under the Data Protection Commission. In addition to transparent operations, we’ve gone further to instil privacy and data protection policy standards in our service streams. Our agreements shall clearly set out the terms, conditions and the basis of our relationship.
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