Manager To Leader Program((MLP)

Most Managers come from backgrounds where technical, financial, or operational skills are paramount, and those skills provide little help when leading people. Research strongly suggests that it is strengths that make leaders. If you decide to turn your managers to leaders today, you have a 38% probability of seeing that improvement translate into high business performance. In other words, leadership effectiveness is a 38% lever, contribution heavily to the organization’s overall performance.

1. The program provides enhanced self-awareness, skill acquisition and deliberate practice until these new skills become a natural part of your internal manager’s behavioral repertoire.

2. Better leadership can generate a 10 to 29% improvement in customer satisfaction scores and a corresponding increase in revenue growth

3. Less-than-optimal leadership practices cost the typical organization an amount equal to 7% of their total annual sales.

4. Most organizations are operating with a 5% to 10% productivity drag that better leadership practices could eliminate

Not all competencies are equal in terms of business performance so our 16-differentiating behaviors with the following process guarantees you the most outcome:

1. Nomination of participants/raters and online 360-degree Feedback Administration.

2. Individual Leadership Profile Reporting. Results provided on Confidential Basis.

3. Full-day immersion Group Workshop with practical high-impact step by step guidance, idealization and self- directed development activities.

4. One-on-One Coaching: Three (3) coaching sessions per individual- Eeach session last from 1-2 hours

5. Group Coaching Sessions: One Half-day sessions taken approximately One-month from completion of One-on- One