Resilience & Wellbeing @ Work
Resilience interventions deliver 38% growth in capability (n = 3,963 people who completed both pre and post intervention diagnostics). There is a general requirement to do more with less! Resilience skills from top to bottom of the organization provides strategic agility!

Now is the time when resilience is most needed. Much of the conventional wisdom is not helping. Living with uncertainty or budget changes. This program provides a pathway to engage with different Resilient & Wellbeing actions. Our approach is evidence-based, yet practical. It provides specific action steps, yet an integrated approach.

Participants go inside themselves, deal with life, deal with complexity, deal with distress and look forward. Must be prepared to interact, share your ideas as we connect participants with stories of those who have survived similar challenges with getting the flow back in trying times.

  • Identify and personalizing resilient actions that work for individual participants in different situations relating to stress and coping skills (Physical/Social/Emotional).

  • How to manage Challenges and Thrive, that will help every person become more optimistic and build their resilience.

  • Help sustain a productive work environment, deliver required work standards on time and quality and execute all work optimally.

  • Essential Pillars

    We have structured the Resilience & Wellbeing Program to help participants demonstrate the following 4 abilities: 1) Bounce - recognizing how resilience fails leading to distress. Learning rapid bounce, how to manage uncertainty, and stay present.

    2) Growth - he importance and practices of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

    3) Connection - learning empathy, influence, style flexibility and supporting others.

    4) Flow - achieving the optimal performance state by matching skill to each challenge.