Virtual Instructor Led- Workshop Room (VILWR) All Training Programs & Workshops

1. Live Discussions, Breakout Rooms, Video-based Training, Community Feel, Online Office Hours

2. Real hands-on experience and interactions with engaging facilitator and face to face discussions, energy & enthusiasm

3. Exchange Ideas with other participants and build extended sense of community in a live workshop environment

Balanced Training

Three (3) two-hours sessions taken approximately one-week apart. Interacting with a facilitator creates the accountability and space to ask questions, discuss and try out new behaviors & skills on the job

1. Technology-driven and interactive learning on Resilience & Wellbeing with video sharing, chat windows, breakout rooms, polling and feedback tools

2. Instructor-led learning material and Participant Guides, Presentations shall be shared after each workshop for later reviewing or refresher

3. New concepts, thinking and workplace challenges are shared over the digital platform!


Active participation and sharing. Stay curious!

1. Provides a better way to spread and disseminate incredible new knowledge, rich lessons and messages to the entire organisation

2. Interesting and stimulating conversations with in-depth Live Virtual Master workshop for the organisation

3. Learning through exchange of ideas at an exponential rate through our Modern Virtual Instructor lead programs.